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Organize and manage your work, life and tasks with Achiever - be Achiever!


Achiever Achiever is powerful, an all-in-one application to organize your projects, tasks and information. Achiever allows you to create categories, subcategories and task trees. You organizing your tasks by sequences, dependencies, priorities and due dates


Task Task is a step in your process or project. Each Task has a subject, attributes, notes and attachments. Your notes can include pictures, spreadsheets, charts and to your tasks your can attach virtually any type of information - emails, web links, contacts, folders, music, documents, etc. You can drag and drop any items on the task, you can copy and paste it, and you can provide information manually - whatever is more convenient for you. Tasks are expanded in place, so you will have full information when you need it, and it will not distract you from your project goals.


Project Project created as a group of organized tasks, which can be executed in sequence or in parallel. Tasks can have nested steps, priority levels, due dates and cost values. Task can be accomplished, not started, ongoing and canceled. Based on task progress, project will highlight steps when urgency or deadline will get closer.

Next Steps

Next Steps Panel "Next Steps" panel is your scheduler for next tasks needs to accomplish. Depending on the selected branch, Achiever will create list and organize it based on urgency, priorities, deadline and dependencies. It shows how much time is left to accomplish this task, task combined priority. From this panel you can navigate to the project. With "Next Steps" you don't need to remember which one of your projects approaching deadline and what next step you should to manage. Empty list means that you have accomplished all your goals!


Tutorial State-of-art interactive tutorial will guide you through basic and more advanced features of Achiever. In less then ten minutes you will get familiarized with steps on how to create task, create project, how to fill in notes and add attachments, how to manage task cost and more. Merlin will navigate you through all steps and point in the right direction.


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